Ready to look for an interior designer who can turn your vision into a reality? Asking these questions will help you zero in on the best person for the job.

What are your references and credentials?

Verify if these are all legitimate; the interior designer’s references and credentials are an indication of his or her expertise and length of experience.

What interior design services do you provide?

Not all interior designers offer the same range of services, but they should cover these items at the very least:

Design consultation
Site measurement and assessment
Space planning
Design conceptualization
Purchasing or procurement
Project management

What does your interior design process look like?

How the interior designer maps out a project will give you an idea of his or her time management skills as well as what to expect from the process.

How do you charge for your services?

Interior designers can either charge a flat rate, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the total project cost. Go for a flat rate if you’re prone to frequent over-the-phone consultations. But if you feel that fewer consultations are enough, then the hourly rate would suffice.

Can you recommend local contractors?

Work with an interior designer who has a solid relationship with a wide network of contractors and tradespeople. With their reputation on the line, you can be sure that you will be referred to some of the best in the industry.

What similar projects have you done?

If you are doing an apartment refresh, it would be best to see other apartments in the interior designer’s portfolio. Request for before, during, and after photos to see if you are impressed with the makeover and like the improvements/changes.

What’s your go-to interior design style?

Some designers are known for their neutral color palettes, while others are advocates of vivid colors. There are designers that have mastered the industrial look while there are those that excel in putting together a vintage-inspired space. The whole decorating process will be a lot smoother if the interior designer’s aesthetic is in line with yours.

What’s the most recent interior design work you’ve done?

Ask for a sneak peek. You can also look it up and verify if the client was satisfied with the interior designer’s work if references are given.

What are your interior design essentials?

Is wallpaper a staple in all the projects he or she has worked on? Does he or she prefer to work with wood instead of stone? This shows the level of detail the interior designer goes into.

How can I make my home more liveable?

The aim of this question is to have an idea if the interior designer is updated with the latest innovations such as green living solutions and smart home technology.

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