About Us

Our Design Approach

We believe that each design should reflect the personality and lifestyle of our clients. Spending a considerable amount of time, up front, using different tools and processes to determine your best personal design direction is the first step. Once we feel we have an understanding of your personal style, vision for the project, and any functional needs, we begin the process of creating your space. We take the whole design process very seriously. We understand turning any part of your home over to someone else is an intimate decision and can sometimes be unnerving, but for us, this step is where the artistry begins. We know we are creating spaces that live and breath with you and your family. We know a living room is more than just a living room. It’s a place where you gather with your loved ones and relax after a hard day. When we design kitchens, we envision weekend pancakes, birthday parties, family dinners, and morning coffee. The art of blending beautiful esthetics and functional spaces is our passion. Your project lives in our minds while we create a beautiful destination just for you. And while we use tools such as questionnaires, magazines, and Pintrest to pinpoint your design style in the beginning , in the end, we not only strive, but thrive on creating a completely unique space just for you. Wherever you are in your design journey, we can help you. We can’t wait to help you with your new furniture plan, or new home selections, but for those who are ready to say, “Do it All”, we can’t wait to apply the art of interior design to your project.

A Delightful Destination

We believe shopping should be an enjoyable experience, which relaxes the mind, stirs creativity, and provides refreshing entertainment. Whether you are in need of some fresh inspiration, alone time, or a girl’s day trip, we seek to be the one destination you can’t wait to get away to. Our retail store will offer clients and designers alike a unique blend of transitional and French inspired furniture, home accessories, & gifts. We also seek to be a fashion destination for our clients. Our Boutique offers a selection of women’s apparel and accessories which are just as exciting and as fresh as our home interiors. Each piece in our store is carefully selected to inspire and delight. The Linen Duck offers full-service design services, but what we are passionate about is taking an inspired approach to everyday design dilemmas and finding creative and distinguished solutions. Most importantly, we enjoy creating these personalized spaces quickly and without shattering nest eggs.

The Linen Duck is owned and operated by Becky Smith. With over 18 years of interior design experience, she leads a team of artisans and tradespeople who are experts in creating an inviting environment for your home or office. The Linen Duck offers a wide range of interior design services from in store consultations to room plans. We are a team of experts in designing extraordinary interiors, space planning, kitchen and bath design, home renovations, window coverings, color consultations and accessorizing, , . We listen to your design needs and wants, and carefully craft a space that speaks to your style, lifestyle and taste. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with our clients for spectacular results. Our design process ensures that we address all your needs, communicate with you throughout the process and manage your project to a “T” through to installation. So, whether you need a few hours of our time to help you make selections for a kitchen or bath design, or you need a full renovation, we are here to help make the process easy and fun for you. We are all about providing creative solutions to your design challenges.

And one unique think about The Linen Duck building is that we share the space with Buck and Board. Check them out! They specialize in charcuterie boards, craft beers, and boutique wines. We also have a popular mural on the side of the building that people love to take selfies with. 

Come stop by the Linen Duck to take a selfie and come in the store to share it with us!