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The Linen Duck is a delightful Furniture Store in Franklin TN offering clients and designers alike a unique blend of transitional and French-inspired furniture, home accessories, and gifts. Walk right in and browse through a thoughtfully curated selection of unique lighting, wall decor, rugs, and custom upholstery lines in solids, patterns, neutrals, and color; there’s something for every style. We’re not just a conventional furniture store, though; we also offer full-service design services, taking on an inspired approach to everyday design dilemmas, and finding creative and distinguished solutions.

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Looking For A New Sofa? The Linen Duck Can Help!

Buying new furniture is an investment. When you are ready to furnish a new living space, budget is usually a factor. We recommend making your sofa top priority in the room. Purchasing a quality made sofa is important, but there are other things to consider as well.

Keep reading for our best tips, and be sure to stop by The Linen Duck today to check out our line of sofas that would be perfect in your home!


” Which sofa is the best fit for my space?”

 Before you start the shopping process, measure your space. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 30 inches in front of your sofa and allow 12-18 inches more, if you have a coffee table. You will want to leave 16 to 30 inches on each side of your sofa, if possible, for your side tables.

10 x 13 or smaller space: If you have a smaller room, you may want to consider a loveseat or an apartment sofa. These sofas are between 52-72 inches long and allow space in the room to add other individual seating and accents pieces.

15 x 22 Living Room:  A standard sofa is going to work great in this space. These sofas seat 3 people and measure between 74-84 inches long. This size is a great choice in order to keep the traffic freely moving.

22 x 28 or larger: You may find using a standard sofa in a larger room lacking. In this case, you could add 2 standard sofas, or a sectional. Another option would be an extra long sofa. An extra long sofa in between 87 and 110 inches long. They allow for extra seating and a bolder look.


” With so many options, how do I pick the best look and fit for my sofa?”


Tight Back, Loose Fit, L- Shaped? First, consider the function of your sofa. Is the sofa going to be used in a room to relax, nap, and play, or is it intended for a room designated for conversation, for example a study or a formal living room?


Sectionals are great for playrooms and casual conversational spaces. Choose a deeper sofa with loose pillows for TV watching and relaxing. A tufted or tight back sofa is a great choice for a more formal look or in rooms that are taken more seriously.

TIP:A tight back sofa can instantly become a cozy seating spot when adding down filled accent pillows. 


High Arms/Low Arms? Typically, you’ll find a high arm is more comfortable for leaning on. So, if you like to lean to the side while relaxing on your sofa, go higher on the arm. Lower arms are great for a more formal look. Also, they work for areas where upright sitting in typical. Lower arms work great in smaller rooms, because they open the space up more. Don’t fret if you love the look of a low arm, but enjoy relaxing over your sofa arms, just add a fluffy accent pillow to your low arm,  and place accordingly to your comfort.


Back Height: Back height is measured from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the back.  

18″ or up is a High Back:  High backs are great for leaning back to watch tv. because they offer an added head rest. Taller people tend to  be more comfortable with a higher back.

15″ or less is a Low Back. This height is perfect for more formal spaces that are not used primarily for relaxing. They also won’t impede views, so they are perfect in front of windows. 


16 “or 17”  Medium Height: This height offers a little more support for the back, but still will not provide a head rest. Adding an ottoman in front of your sofa will give you the option to sink down and lay back.

TIP: If you typically lay on your sofa, the back height won’t make a large difference. 


Seat Depth:

22″ Deep: This is perfect for shorter people who like to sit upright.

23″-24″ Deep: Works better for taller people or shorter people who like to lay down.

25″ Deep and Up: This sofa is intended for relaxation.


” How many cushions should my sofa have? “


Bench Seat: 1 Cushion

Pro:  Makes smaller sofas look bigger. No gaps, great for napping. Undesignated seating lends to more people piling on.

Con: Hard to flip. Fabric may ripple and look loose between fluffing. Stain one area, you’ve stained the whole. 

2 Cushion:

Pro: Good for shorter sofas. Each cushion tends to be bigger, so usually gives a wider seating area. 

Con: There is a gap down the middle of the sofa, therefore people may tend to shy away from the middle seat. 


3 Cushion:

Pro: Designated seating, so guest will feel comfortable using the middle seat. flipping cushions and stain treating is easier. 

Con: Smaller individual seating spaces on most sofas. More gaps to loose items between. Typically, less cozy for napping.


“So many fabric choices?”


When buying a custom or semi custom sofa, the fabrics may seem overwhelming. There are virtually thousands of choices, but when selecting fabric specifically for your sofa, the more durable the better. If you are looking for the ultimate in longevity, leather is your best bet. A quality leather is going to cost anywhere from 30% to 100% more than fabric, depending on grade. Your better sofa companies also offer a wide selection of Performance fabrics. These fabrics offer an extra level of protection against stains, liquid, and odor. Always feel safe covering your sofa with a polyester or polyester blend. This is a strong fabric and spot cleans very easily. 

TIP: Textures over solids show less wear and tear.


“I can find cheaper sofas elsewhere.”


Yes, you completely can, and you’ll be limited to just a few colors and materials, all of which tend not to last more than a few years. With custom and semi custom  furniture, you have access to many finishes, detailing options, and thousands of fabrics – including performance options that withstand children, pets, and the messes they tend to create. You get what you pay for, and we recommend, if possible, to spend the extra for quality and longevity.  


Average Cost of a Sofa: 

$1000 and Below:  We consider this an inexpensive sofa. It’s inexpensive for a reason. Corners have to be cut and quality materials are compromised. Selection is limited, and the average life is 1-3 years. Obviously, there are applications for this sofa: staging, first apartments, temporary usage. 

$1500- $2500: This is a mid range sofa. You will find more style and fabric selections in this price range. Depending on the manufacturer, you can get a quality sofa with some bells and whistles. While most sofas in this range offer a lifetime warranty on their frame, replacement expectancy should be 10-15 years. 

$2600 and up:  This is what most would consider an expensive sofa. If you find yourself here, you have probably already experienced one or two of the above categories, and are ready for a sofa that checks off all of your boxes. Lifetime expectancy is 25 years to life.




Boutique Furniture Store Franklin TN

We believe shopping should be an enjoyable experience, which relaxes the mind, stirs creativity, and provides refreshing entertainment. Whether you are in need of some fresh inspiration, alone time, or a girl’s day trip, we seek to be the one destination you can’t wait to get away to. Our retail store will offer clients and designers alike a unique blend of transitional and French inspired furniture, home accessories, & gifts. We also seek to be a fashion destination for our clients. We are a furniture store located in Columbia TN.

The Linen Duck

Phone Number: 931-548-2422

Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-5pm Sun: 11:30-3pm


Directions to The Linen Duck from Nashville Airport 

Continue to I-40 W
5 min (2.0 mi)

Head south on Terminal Dr
0.9 mi

Keep left to stay on Terminal Dr
1.1 mi

Take I-65 S to US-31 S in Maury County. Take the US-31 S exit from TN-396 W
34 min (38.5 mi)

Merge onto I-40 W
2.5 mi

Use the left 3 lanes to take exit 213A for I-440 W toward Memphis
1.3 mi

Continue onto I-440 W
2.1 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 5 to merge onto I-65 S toward Huntsville
27.3 mi

Use the middle lane to take exit 53 for TN-396/Saturn Pkwy toward Columbia/Spring Hill
0.7 mi

Continue onto TN-396 W/Saturn Pkwy
0.5 mi

Keep left to continue on TN-396 W
3.1 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to merge onto US-31 S toward Columbia
1.0 mi

Follow US-31 S to W 6th St in Columbia
14 min (9.9 mi)

Merge onto US-31 S
9.7 mi

Turn left onto W 6th St
Destination will be on the left

Google Reviews

“Best Couch I Have Ever Owned! Most creative, attentive, unique designer I have ever met! This is more than a store front, this is a design studio and furniture store Franklin Tn all in one! This place is amazing! A gem hidden right here on the edge of Nashville! Their designs unique, they listen, helped me organize a small space and get all of the exact pieces of furniture I needed. Look no farther. This is EXACTLY where you want to go for furniture, coaches, sofa, tables, chairs, design services, top quality and fair prices!”- Liliana Grace

“Beautiful furniture and home decor. The items are displayed so well really giving me a sense of what I could do in my own home. I plan on hiring one of the decorators to help me with one of my spaces. The service is very reasonable. Also the clothing boutique has a ton of super stylish clothes and jewelry also at very reasonable prices. So glad to have this place in Columbia. I highly recommend !!”- Parker Thomas

“A posh boutique with incredible prices! The Linen Duck offers unique furnishings, accessories, and clothing. The friendly staff will help you find the perfect item or allow you to look at your own pace as you enjoy soaking it all in. A wonderful addition to our charming little town!”- Susan Rector

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