Guest bathroom, half-bath, or powder room. No matter what you call it, this small space on the main level of your home is perfect for making sure every lash is in place before you leave for the day. It’s also a great space to show your style to your guests.

The powder room was once a place for women of high society to refresh their hairpieces. It eventually morphed into a private space to “take care of business.” In modern times, the powder room serves as a space to freshen up and is a secondary lavatory for guests. If you are looking for design tips, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, The Linen Duck furniture store and boutique offers insight on how to make your powder room your very own.


According to design experts from our furniture store in Franklin, a powder room is typically a small space that contains a toilet, sink, and mirror. There is rarely a window, and there will never be a bath or shower, which means less moisture and more design flexibility. A functional powder room will also have decorative storage, usually floating above the toilet, to hold important accessories, such as a hairbrush, magazine, extra toilet paper, and tissues.

Small Space, Bold Statement

Aside from housing an extra bathroom and mirror when you need them the most, your powder room can also make a bold statement about your personality. Look for a mirror that helps reflect light. Because there is very little moisture in your powder room, you can use a high-end mirror from a furniture store instead of a cookie-cutter rectangle with no frame and no defining features.

Welcoming Walls

Your powder room is an inherently small space, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be big on style. One great product: decorative wallpaper. Although wallpaper fell out of fashion in the 90s, it’s back and better than ever. You can find wallpaper with a range of designs, textures, and application methods. If you’re visiting The Linen Duck in person, ask about a custom color consultation for your powder room.

Every room in your home should be a reflection of who you are. Your powder room is no different, and thanks to its relatively moisture-free environment, it is a great place to put design elements that would never make it in a steamy shower. Don’t be afraid to go bold in this space… even if the rest of your home is calm and neutral.

Are you ready for a powder room that makes a statement? Visit the Linen Duck furniture store in Franklin, TN, to ask about a design consultation.