Furniture is a long-time investment that you put lots of time and care into choosing. But, there may come a time when you wonder if it’s time for something new.

But how do you know when an upgrade is in order? According to the experts at our furniture store in Columbia, TN, you can start by looking at your furniture’s age. Bed frames and wardrobe cabinets should last anywhere between 15 and 20 years if they are made well from the very beginning. Your chest of drawers and other large wooden pieces may easily last 20 years or longer.

Pieces that are used by multiple people, such as the sofa, end tables, and mattresses, will likely last anywhere from five to seven years.

In addition to age, you’ll also want to look at the condition of the furniture. You can ask your furniture store salesperson what to look for, but breaks, stains, and missing pieces are all good signs that something new should be on your radar. Something else to consider is comfort. Your mattress, couch, and office chair likely all get daily use. When these begin to sag or no longer have the support they were meant to, you won’t be comfortable, and you may experience back problems and other issues. Dining chairs should be replaced when they get wobbly or splintered. 

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture that you can replace is your mattress. Mattresses usually last between five and 10 years. But, they, too, can get saggy and lose support. Further, because mattresses are prone to soaking up our sweat throughout the night, they can get musty and present with a strong odor.

When you’re ready for an upgrade, visit your furniture store for options, and don’t be shy about asking if there are any deals or discounts available for purchasing multiple pieces at once.

What To Do With Your Old Furniture

Once your furniture store receipt is in hand, you’ll go home and face your former furniture. What do you do with that? You have options. You can pay a junk removal company to dispose of it properly. You may also leave it out for your community trash pickup, but you’ll want to contact your local waste management service to see if and when they can take large pieces. Furniture that is still in good working order but is no longer your style can be donated or sold. Another option is to upgrade your furniture when the kids move to college and give them a little piece of home to take with them.

If you are looking for smart, stylish, and unique pieces, visit The Linen Duck furniture store in Columbia.