Buying furniture is always a big deal. After all, you stand to spend thousands of dollars, and you’ll likely have these pieces for many years to come. Do you know what to ask when you visit the furniture store?

We encourage all customers visiting our Franklin location to ask their associate all the questions they need until they are comfortable with their purchase. A few things you might consider bringing up are:

  • Is this the best price? Everything has a sticker price. However, many furniture stores also give their representatives a bit of autonomy when it comes to making price adjustments. You can always ask if you can get a better price, especially if you plan to purchase multiple pieces. If no special pricing is available at the moment, ask about any special offers the furniture store might have in the works.
  • Can this be customized? Nobody wants boring furniture. Ask your furniture store associate if the pieces you want can be customized with different arm styles or upholstery. You’ll also want to confirm any additional cost you might incur by having a custom piece delivered from the manufacturer.
  • Do you have any similar pieces? If something has caught your attention, that does not mean it’s the one for you. A furniture store is not always able to get every piece on the floor. If something’s not quite perfect, ask your salesperson if there’s anything similar you might look at.
  • Does your furniture come with a guarantee? Most quality furniture comes with the guarantee or warranty in writing. Your furniture store should also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee so that you can feel more comfortable making a major purchase.
  • Who do I contact if I have a problem? This is one of the most prominent issues with “big box” furniture stores. After the sale, customers often tell us they can’t reach their original sales representative or the 1-800 customer service number doesn’t connect to a live operator. Ask your furniture store representative who, exactly, you can contact if there are issues that need immediate attention.
  • Why should I spend the money with you? If you live in Franklin, you already know that there are furniture stores every few blocks. Don’t be shy about asking your salesperson why their store is different, better, and the right choice for you. Remember, you have rights and you have choices, and there is no reason you should be unhappy with your furniture store selection.

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