We’ve all gone furniture shopping before and felt like we were being watched by salespeople just waiting for us to look like we have a question. We’ve also experienced being swarmed at every turn. Neither of these scenarios is ideal, but there are a few warning signs that might indicate that it’s time to visit another store.

Today on The Linen Duck of Franklin, TN’s blog, we touch base on a few of these.

Being greeted from a distance.

When you walk into a furniture store, there should be a designated salesperson ready to greet you with a smile and handshake at the door. They can then guide you to what you’re looking for so that you are not wasting time. Your representative should also gladly give you some space if you’re just there to browse.

Not listening to your needs.

There are few things more telling of a commission grab than a salesperson who doesn’t listen to what you need and only point you to furniture they want to sell. Your furniture store experience should be all about you. In our Franklin store, our salespeople will ask lots of questions and will never point you toward pieces “just because.”

Handing you a card and then walking away.

Both being greeted from a distance and not listening to your needs are signs that your salesperson is more interested in a paycheck than the people they are there to help. These may also be the same people that shove a card in your hand, only to never be seen again. Furniture store representatives will compete to see who can hand a customer a business card first because, once they have, they are the ones that get the commission.

Furniture Store Shopping Tips

Once you do find the Franklin furniture store and salesperson that you feel comfortable with, it’s time to get to work. A few things you can do now to make your experience worth the investment you’re about to make are:

  • Measure. All salespeople either have or have quick access to a tape measure. If you have not already measured the space you have at home, take measurements of each piece you are interested in and then check to see if it will fit.
  • Choose quality. Most furniture stores in Franklin have a selection of pretty pieces. However, furniture is not cheap, and the last thing you want to do is prioritize short-term aesthetics over long-term comfort and durability.
  • Buy only what you need. It’s easy to get caught up in the furniture-buying frenzy when you’re making an update to your home. You should never feel pressured to spend more at a furniture store than you’ve budgeted or that will fit in your space.

Buying furniture is an investment that will, ideally, enhance your comfort at home. You don’t want to start the experience with salespeople who don’t care or that are not willing to help. Once you sort through the red flags and find a place you’re comfortable with, don’t forget to measure and, most importantly, make sure your pieces will last.

Visit The Linen Duck furniture store in Franklin to see our selection of timeless pieces for your home.