January markets usually give an insight into emerging trends. Each showroom will elevate their

newest designs using their new fabric patterns, color trends,
furniture fabrications, as well as accessorizing with their ideas on the next dominate design direction. Americamart’s January market is historically their biggest home show of the year. Located in downtown Atlanta the show draws industry leaders from all throughout the southeast.
Designers and retailers are searching for new products from home accessories to
unique furnishings all to find inspiration for the new year.

Each year brings new and growing trends, which are inspirational and exciting. Everyone loves to find the new
and beautiful, but how do you know when a trend should just stay inspirational only, or to invest in its longevity? Let’s explore 5 trends that we believe are just getting started and will be with us for while.

1. A Return to Color

We have been seeing a return to color in the markets for years now, but now more and more clients are starting to request color, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Gray and white have had a long run, and are still popular, but there is no question, introducing color to existing gray spaces or a complete redo veering from gray all together is on the rise, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Over time we predict the gray pallet will evolve into more brown tones with earthy accents. Think moss green, burnt orange, marine blue, mustard and terracotta.
TIP: Mixing in color with your already gray space is easy. Try layering brown tones through a new rug, art, or pillows to keep a neutral space while adding depth through color. Mixing in green and blue with gray will maintain a cool pallet with existing gray, but will elevate and update the space. Add in rich wood tones to create even more drama.

2. Comfortable Furnishings with Style

Straight lines and smaller scale furnishings have been popular for a while. Inspired by mid- century modern design, the market has been flooded with low sitting furnishings, in particular seating, but comfort is making a big comeback. Deep sofas, higher backs, and lots of curves are in high demand. Among the most reputable furniture companies, comfortable upholstery options are plentiful, but better yet, these furniture designers aren’t sacrificing beautiful lines with their updated comfort styles. We are seeing a surge in conversation sofas and occasional chairs with curved backs, curved arms, and curved bases.

3. Boucle’ Fabric

This is one of our favorites. Boucle’ goes hand in hand with comfortable upholstery. It’s soft, durable, and works really well with curved lines. It is also easy to clean and has low liquid
absorption. We have chose boucle’ for our stock furnishings many times over the last couple of years, and it is just becoming stronger and stronger. It is such a versatile fabric, in the fact that it can add an element of playfulness to a space, or reflect an elegant look depending the direction of the room design. Boucle’ is common in cream and gray, but more and more manufactures are adding in browns, blues, and even pinks.

4. Maximalism

The opposite of monochromatic, minimalism, and neutrals is Maximalism. One of our favorite design strategies, that of layering spaces, is really a page out of Maximalism. Mixing prints, patters, textures, and colors starts to create a cozy warm room. Add in a bold statement piece or vintage/ unique finds with a splash of wallpaper and eye catching art, and the room will begin to speak to a personality that minimalism can never do. We expect to see more ornamental trimmings, tassels, bold patterns, and grasscloths incorporated into furniture, textiles, and accent walls.

So far, 2022 trends are looking and feeling perfectly beautiful. We love the idea of bringing back color, specifically in rich earth tones, the timeless look of mixing and matching patterns, adding in luxurious fabrics and unique objects, as well as focusing on a home environment that encourages family and friends to relax and stay a while.




5. Living Room Bars and Bar Carts

A throw back to the 60s, 2021 saw rise in home bars strategically located in the living room. The trend is catching on, and furniture manufacturers are creating more and more options for living room bars and bar carts. If you’re building a new home, you may want to look for a wall or nook to add a custom bar design or to place one of the many beautiful furniture options available.