Wondering what color of furniture is in for 2023? Blues, greens, and yellows are 2023’s winners. These classic colors transcend trends.

Furniture color trends change from one decade to the next. The 70s, for example, prized orange tweed and bold florals; the 90s was all about white wicker and bright color blocks everywhere. As we settle into 2023, a few patterns are beginning to emerge, and a combination of both warm and cool colors are taking center stage.

So, What Color Of Furniture Is In For 2023? 


The top three contenders are blue, olive green, and yellow ocher.


Blue is a timeless color that lends to serenity and calmness. If you walk into any furniture store in Columbia, TN, you will find plenty of upholstery in varying shades of blue. Darker blues are especially in, as these pair well with light wood and both gold or silver accessories.


Greens, especially olive green, are another color scheme to watch in 2023. Although many people are pulling away from a farmhouse feel, green is country chic and allows people to relax and gather without pretense.


And finally, there is yellow ochre. Soft but strong, bright but soothing, yellow ocher (which, incidentally, was one of Bob Ross’s favorite colors) is reminiscent of Spanish styling.


At The Linen Duck furniture store in Columbia, we offer upholstery in a full range of colors, including both on-trend and classic styles.

More Than Color


Something else you might notice during a visit to the furniture store is that color is not the only keyword for 2023. Something else that many homeowners and interior designers are keeping close to their hearts is sustainability. We love wood, recycled materials, stone, and glass.

Room By Room


Color and style trends might even change from room to room. 2023 is looking like relaxation and coziness are the focal points for open living spaces, such as living rooms and lofts. This might include suspended bookcases, plenty of plants, and accent wallpaper.


In the kitchen, you can expect to see more islands, which offer lots of space to stand around and chat or prepare dishes for friends and family. Bronze and copper are in here, and many people are choosing to remodel their kitchen cabinets to keep up with the times.


For the rooms where we sleep, comfort is key. 2023’s furniture trends tend to lean Nordic, and bedrooms are adorned with dusty gray, sand, or beige. Minimalism is seen throughout the bedroom as more people begin to realize that clutter can keep them up at night. Kids’ rooms are getting back to the primary colors combined with natural materials for a fun and functional space to rest, relax, and get rambunctious.


Regardless of which color scheme you are going for in 2023, spend some time at The Linen Duck furniture store looking at color swatches, fabric textures, and patterns. You have options, and you are never boxed into a cookie-cutter color combination. From designer rugs to accent pillows that make a room pop, you’ll find everything you need to outfit your home in whatever color combination you choose.


The Linen Duck Boutique Interiors is the brainchild of interior designer and founder Becky Smith. The furniture store offers shoppers in Columbia and the surrounding areas access to high-end boutique pieces, many of which can be customized from an extensive palette of fabrics and finishes. The Linen Duck also offers a full line of designer rugs, pillows, and accent pieces, so that homeowners can complete their look. When Smith is not busy running the furniture store, she continues to provide interior design services. The Linen Duck is quickly becoming the area’s go-to showroom. Pop in for a visit to see why.