Each year, trends come and go. People get creative, and they get bored with last year’s decorations. That said, our interior design experts at the furniture store in Columbia have looked at 2022 Christmas trends, and these are ones we’d be happy to use in our own homes.

Mountain Magic

If you’ve ever longed to wake up on a snowy mountaintop on Christmas morning, deck your halls with silver, blue, and white, snowy accents. These cool to neutral tones fit well in most homes, and they won’t overwhelm the senses. If you’re in the Columbia area, stop by the furniture store to ask about accent pillows that will help set your theme in stone.


Bold and whimsical, a fairytale theme can be anything your imagination brings to life. Textured ornaments and contrasting lights with matching ribbons and bows on the gifts below can bring wonder and delight to any child on Christmas morning.

Urban Sparkle

No doubt inspired by visions of strolling New York’s retail scene in the winter, an urban sparkle design is geometrical, symmetrical, and glittery.

Winter At Dusk

There are few things more beautiful than the clear night skies of winter. If your furniture store finds are already green, gold, and blue, play off this color scheme to invoke a sense that Santa is settling into the sleigh at the end of a long day.


Red and white with highlights of silver and glass create the feeling of a beautiful peppermint coming to life on your tree. Ornaments of different sizes bring visual appeal to this classic color scheme.

Subdued Hues

If bright and vibrant doesn’t work for your home, consider keeping your favorite color scheme but in subdued hues, such as baby blue instead of bright blue or seafoam instead of holiday green.


If 2022 taught us anything, it’s that aluminum trees were hot once again. While this might not be the perfect style for all homes, a vintage-inspired design scheme may fit flawlessly with a modern minimalist layout.

Ultimately, your Christmas decor should reflect your personality and fit your space. Fortunately, you can change this up each year, and the above ideas are just a few of our favorite ideas that might help you better plan for 2023 and beyond.

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