You’ve just closed on your new construction home in Franklin, and now you’re ready to make it your own. Congratulations. This is an extremely exciting time in anyone’s life. But, as our furniture store associates tell us, there are a few mistakes you should avoid if you want to truly enjoy your new space.

Mistake #1: “Eyeing” It

You have your home plan in hand and are on your way to the furniture store. What’s missing? A measuring tape. Spend the extra time measuring the rooms of your home and the furniture that you choose. You need to take into account everything from baseboards (these can shave a couple of inches off your room) to the width of each piece. Remember, an oversized sectional may fit longways, but cushion depth might mean the difference between having plenty of legroom and a cocktail table you can barely use.

Mistake #2: Overfilling

Sure, you have room now, but there’s no reason to fill every space with furniture, mirrors, and wall decor. Start with your foundational pieces, and then let the rest come together. If possible, look for your core furniture – your centerpiece may be your sectional, bed, or dining table – at a boutique furniture store. The Linen Duck carries a wide selection of beautiful options for your entire home.

Mistake #3: Striving For Someone Else’s Perfection

Pinterest is valuable for helping you decide your style. But, remember, the vast majority of images from this and similar sites have been carefully designed to look best in print or online. While you should absolutely have a space and pieces you enjoy, don’t forget that reality is not always natural lighting and perfectly placed pillows.

Mistake #4: Settling

Although you are likely in a hurry to get your space ready for you and your family, don’t settle on pieces that you don’t love. Remember, you’ve just spent a huge chunk of money on your dream home, and you don’t want to become a nightmare because you bought a stiff couch just because it was in stock.

Mistake #5: Sticking With A Monotone Color Scheme

There is nothing wrong with having a preference for gray, white, or any other color for that matter. But a quick look around your furniture store, and you will see that each design is accented with color. Use colors and patterns to make a simple statement or to showcase your personality. The best part about using accent colors is that these can easily be changed without reinvesting in your large pieces when your style needs an update.

Mistake #6: Skipping delivery

Finally, if possible, let the professionals deliver your furniture. Professional furniture delivery ensures that each piece is handled with care and is assembled with zero shortcuts.

Visit The Linen Duck furniture store in Columbia for inspiration before you fill your new home.

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