Low ceilings got you down? Not everyone has a two-story foyer with 10-foot ceilings throughout their home. Most homes have at least one room that has a lower ceiling. National building codes suggest this is the case, but we know this at The Linen Duck because almost daily, we are asked to solve lighting problems associated with lower ceilings with interior design options. Don’t let low ceilings box you in a dark room that is void of character. Our team at The Linen Dusk, a furniture store in Columbia TN, has compiled some of the top tricks we use to solve these lighting dilemmas.

Here are 5 ways to light your space and create design distinction:

  1. Use a flush mount.

No, not the builder brand flush mount! Look for a unique flush or semi-flush mount that will bring a design “pop” to your space. More and more decorative flush mounts are becoming available. Lighting companies are starting to add flush mount versions to their chandelier collections. Drop by our furniture store in Columbia,TN to see more options.

2. Create opportunities to add hanging lights. 

Take advantage of areas where you have fixed furniture pieces to hang beautiful pendants and chandeliers. The most obvious would be your dining table or kitchen island, but think outside the box. Add pendants over your bedside tables, over bathroom vanities, or even your home office desk if there is space. Anywhere foot traffic is impossible may be a good opportunity to bring in bigger fixtures. When determining the length, stick with 30″-40″ for 8-foot ceilings and 33″-43″ for 9-foot ceilings.

3. Add wall sconces.

Adding wall sconces not only creates new lighting, but it also elevates the overall design of the room. You might be familiar with bathroom sconces and sconces over your fireplace, but don’t always think of sconces in pairs. There are so many decorative sconces at our furniture store in Columbia, TN and some can stand alone. Survey your room and see if you have a wall that would benefit from a single sconce or a series of sconces, possibly added between windows or art. Don’t overlook a chance to add a picture or art lighting, as well as the use of swing arm pendants over bookshelves.

4. Layer your lighting.

Bring in all the lamps and make sure they are fabulous! Use varying heights of table lamps around the room to shine light in multiple directions. Floor lamps are a great way to cast light upwards to the ceiling where it will then bounce back into the room. A strategically placed candle will even add to the lighting ambiance of any space. Most designers agree that a room needs multiple sources and styles of lighting. A mix of ceiling, wall, and table lighting will allow for light to move around the room, creating a warm feeling. Visit your favorite furniture store in Columbia, TN – The Linen Duck, for some inspiration.

5. Add recessed lighting.

If possible, add recess lighting to low ceilings. Adding recess lighting is probably the best way to really make your room brighter. Recess lighting with the functionality of a dimmer will give you the control for how much light you may want in the room at any given time. To determine how far apart to place your recess lighting, divide the height of the ceiling by half. Lighting for an eight-foot ceiling would be placed 4ft. apart. As a rule of thumb, bring your lights 3 feet off of the wall. Placing them too close to the wall will create shadows, thus making the room look smaller. Choose a soft light in a white kit up to 4″ for the best results.

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