Are you planning to update your home and are looking for interior design services in Nashville, TN? A complete renovation isn’t always doable or even necessary. The great news is that neither time nor budget restraints have to get in the way of adding sophistication to your home. A few strategic design choices can give your sanctuary a high-end feel without a full-on renovation.

Offering superb interior design services in Nashville, TN, The Linen Duck team shares how using the right textiles and accents can give your home a luxurious look in just a few weeks.

1. Wonderful Window Treatments

Investing in high-quality, well-crafted treatments can make a tremendous difference in any space. The Linen Duck offers a large selection of semi-custom drapes. They can also help you choose from thousands of fabric selections and customize window treatments according to your style preference and needs. To determine the right curtain length, measure the end of the panel to where it is just tapping the floor. If you want more of a formal look, add about an inch and a half to the length. Make sure not to go too short; short drapes never achieve the customized look. If you intend to close your drapes, a specific width may be needed. A good rule of thumb is to measure 12-24 inches past the window on each side.

2. Updated Upholstery

Your upholstery selection plays a crucial role in elevating your space. Worn out or well-loved furnishings can make a room look shabby and outdated. If you have bought quality furnishings, you might consider reupholstering, but updating the lines of your sofa and chairs is usually a good idea as well.

You can use fabrics to achieve a certain look. Use linen slipcovers that just kiss the floor for a casual yet sophisticated feel. Throw pillows add pops of color and interesting textures. Velvets or nail-heads to create drama.

3. Pretty Pillows & Beautiful Blankets

If you’ve shopped at The Linen Duck, you’ll know that they have an impressive selection of divine pillows and throws. Among the store’s best-sellers are the 24″ pillows – after all, statement pillows create a huge impact. Smaller pillows can be layered or used for benches and nooks. One of The Linen Duck’s favorite pillow combinations for a sofa is a 24″ followed by a 22″ or 20″. Using down or artificial down fill is highly recommended; poly inserts are too stiff and say Big Box store.

4. Attractive Area Rugs

The rug should complement the style of the room. A traditional room with a contemporary rug won’t work, just as a transitional or contemporary space would clash with a rug in a traditional floral pattern. Opting for patterns over solids can add dimension and color to the room.

When selecting a rug, its pile, size, and fiber should all be carefully considered. Skip the guesswork and refer to The Linen Duck’s extensive but easy-to-use rug guide on their website.

5. It’s All In The Details

Achieving sophisticated home interiors lies in the details. In often overlooked spaces like hallways, mudrooms, and powder rooms, attention to detail can create a unique vibe and stylish functionality. Accents like wallpaper, special hardware, storage bins, and greenery can transform a “nice” space into a showstopper. Textured art, tapestries, or wall sconces breathe life into blank walls. These will elevate your home without having to invest in a large-scale renovation.

The Linen Duck offers interior design services in Nashville TN and in surrounding areas. Sit down with one of their in-house designers and discuss space planning, art, accessories, and other elements of design for a space you are working on.

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