Interiors are a reflection of the people who live in them, their likes and dislikes, family memories, and special items. Most aesthetics are a combination of several styles. Finding the perfect combination can sometimes be challenging.
Your “style” may change over the years as different trends come and go, but usually the underlying aesthetic that you are drawn to remains pretty consistent. Exploring what you consistently find beautiful and pleasing helps you to make better choices in your design decisions. For our clients, we have a specific process with a mix of questions and visuals that help to pinpoint the right direction from the start. This process can work for you too.

Step 1. Get Inspired

Start by collecting inspiration. Designers like to pull together fabrics, paint colors, wallpapers, and furniture styles for inspiration and create design boards. You can do the same. By doing this, you will start to notice what colors you may be more inclined to, as well as seeing patterns with your furnishings and fabric choices. The easiest way to begin collecting inspiration is through your Pinterest boards, but don’t neglect magazines and taking screen shots while scrolling your socials. And if you’re a note taker, by all means, keep a notebook that you can easily jot down the names of paint colors or other items you find while you’re out and about. Follow your gut. Keep track of anything that makes you happy.

Step 2. Look for Pattern

When you are ready to start planning your project, go back over all your saved
inspirational photos and start finding common themes. For example, do you see gorgeous rugs in all the spaces, or bold prints. You may notice you’ve Pinned a lot of pictures with furnishings that have straight lines or windows with dramatic drapes. Note what you see, and start prioritizing what are must haves.

Another tip, which may seem counter intuitive, but is actually really helpful, is to create boards with styles you don’t care for. This is especially helpful when you are going to use a designer or contractor to help you with your project. Often, I use pictures to show my contractors how I DON’T want something to turnout. Pinpointing what you don’t like will also help you to stay focused while you’re shopping for your space, and make it easier to eliminate items that may be tempting, but are ultimately not your true aesthetic.

Step 3. Make it Your Own

Narrowing down what truly inspires you can then be combined with answers to some key questions. Evaluate how your home functions and your lifestyle. This actually plays a part in your overall aesthetic. Do you entertain, have children, travel a lot, etc.? Ask yourself what mood you would like to create or maintain in your home? Do you thrive in a cheerful environment, or do you need to create a peaceful calming home. If your family is high energy, your home should complement that energy. Also, determine if there are existing pieces you own that you always want to incorporate in your home? Items you already own and love can tell you a lot about your personal style.





Answering these questions will help you to hone in on what is really important in
creating your personal space when having to choose between multiple selections. For example, you may have collected a lot of pictures with white furnishings and accents, but if you have a lot of traffic on your sofa, you may want to save the all white look for your kitchen, where it can be used on easy to clean surfaces. Color choice will play a large role in the mood of your home. Using cool tones will infuse a calm relaxed feel to your space, so you may reserve your love for blues and greens for places you want to feel tranquil. Wicker furnishings may be what you see trending in your inspiration pictures, but if you have several teens in the house, you may want to work the rattan into side tables instead of occasional chairs. There are all sorts of ways to maintain your true aesthetic without giving up function. Don’t forfeit the look you love without exploring options.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work finding your perfect aesthetic. Organize those Pinterest boards. Create a new photo album on your phone just for your inspiration photos. Soon you’ll start to have a clear direction for your redesign. Maybe you find you are too busy or overwhelmed to get started? The design team at The Linen Duck would be honored to come along side and help you with all your home interior needs.
Ready to start planning your one-of-a-kind dream space? Let’s chat!

See you soon,
The Linen Duck Team