Do You Really Need Designer Furniture?

…And are retail chain brands a waste of your money?

We are answering some big questions in today’s email. First and foremost, we are tackling this valid debate:

Why should I buy custom furniture from a showroom when I could instead buy less expensive “regular” furniture from online platforms and retail chain stores?

There is no straight answer to this question. It all depends on your situation, from your budget to your family’s lifestyle and even your aesthetic needs. Today, we are addressing all three of these areas to help you make the best decision for your unique space.


Yes, retail chain furniture is cheaper. But also, retail chain furniture is cheaper. Redundant? Of course, but you get the point. If your child is getting ready to furnish their college dorm or first apartment, retail reigns supreme.

However, if you are outfitting your home and don’t want to haul furniture to the curb within three years or end up with a “used” vibe around your space, you will want to avoid retail furnishings. Their finishes typically scratch and ding easily, and the structural components are often made of softer materials. Simply put, cheap doesn’t keep.


Designer brand furniture is a bigger investment because it is made of high-quality, genuine materials and constructed by trained artisans. When paired with stain-resistant fabric, your custom sofa and arm chair pair will stand the test of time, toddlers, pets, and anything else that might land on them unceremoniously.

Is custom furniture more expensive than retail? Not quite. If you compare the cost of one custom sofa to the three or four retail sofas you’ll need to keep repurchasing, the cost-benefit analysis is quite revealing.


Styling and furnishing your home in a way that is true to your lifestyle and personality isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all situation, especially if having a home that mirrors all your friends’ homes isn’t on your list of #housegoals. If you are looking for the perfect living room furniture, a more beautiful bed frame, or an elegant dining set and haven’t found it yet, you might never find what you need in a ready-made brand.

Instead, you would be better served by working with a design professional and a custom furniture line. The Linen Duck has carefully selected custom brands that will work within most budgets. Brands such as, Taylor King, Bernhardt, Robin Bruce, and Gabby allows our design team to specify fabrics, wood stains, chair heights, cushion density, hardware, and so much more. We are in the business of helping you create furniture pieces that last, much like the heirloom furniture you’ve inherited from your grandparents.


Glossy finishes first.

As current design trends become a hybrid of new and old, traditional and rebellious, glossy wood finishes add a bit of modernized gleam to your furniture.


Design for long-term use.

When ordering custom furniture pieces, tell us how you plan to use them, the age range of your children, whether your pets are allowed on the furniture, etc.