Each room in your home functions differently and must be styled accordingly. Yes, your home decor should reflect your personal taste and interests, but it should take into consideration how each room is used, and by whom.

Here are a few guidelines on how you can decorate your home, room by room:

Living Rooms and Family Rooms

Whether used for entertaining guests or for family activities, living rooms are dynamic areas most often contiguous with the dining area and kitchen. One of the main things to consider when decorating your living room is choosing a focal point; how you’ll arrange area rugs, art pieces, chairs, and the rest of your living room furniture will depend on your selection.


Since most people spend a third of their life in the bedroom, you might as well make your sanctuary as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Purchasing a quality bed frame, mattress, and pillows is always a good investment.

Color is just as important. Choose a lighter palette (think soothing neutrals or pastels) if you’re a morning person and a darker one if you like to sleep in longer. Create the right atmosphere with bedroom lighting based on your habits as well.

Children’s Rooms

Today’s sensibilities call for gender-neutral children’s rooms. Go for neutral shades or a monochrome color palette; play with patterns and textures, and focus on thoughtfully curated toys and accessories. Practical details such as open shelving, easy-access bins, and reachable storage hooks enable hours of independent play.


Transform a dreary bathroom into a tranquil retreat with custom cabinetry, ceramic tiles, soft lighting, decorative fixtures, and an elegantly designed mirror, vanity, and sink. Complete the look with plush bath towels, flowers, and your favorite scent.


A complete kitchen overhaul can be expensive. If that’s not affordable or practical for you at this point, consider a more budget-conscious makeover, which can include a deep cleaning session, paint refresh, additional light fixtures and accessories, cabinet hardware updates, and sink and faucet replacement.

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Dining Rooms

As the room’s centerpiece, the selection and placement of the dining table are crucial to any dining room decorating project. Your choice of seats, chandelier, curtains, drapes, and tableware will define the dining room’s overall look and feel and will also set the tone for meals.


If you want your home to make a good first impression, your foyer should be warm and inviting. Flooring, storage, and fixtures are all important design elements to consider.

Home Offices

Make sure there’s enough space and natural lighting for you to work comfortably; bonus points if you can look out to a relaxing view. Consider investing in an ergonomic desk and chair, as well as ample storage and shelving units. Add character to the space with greenery, pieces of art, or a vibrant pop of color.

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