At its most basic, minimalism is about designers expressing only the most essential elements of an object, doing away with the unnecessary components and features. Minimalism is everywhere; you can see it on the interface of a mobile app or even in the way a car is designed. Minimalism could even apply to interior design, even in Nashville, TN!

Characteristics of minimalism in interior design

The minimalist approach to interior design puts an emphasis on order and neatness. Minimalist spaces are often characterized as clutter-free.

In keeping with the “less is more theme” minimalism is associated with neutral or subdued tones that inspire the feeling of calmness. Whites, greys, and beiges are your best bets.

Textures on items like rugs, throw pillows, and blankets must be aligned to the overall design scheme and colors in your rooms. Too many colors, textures, and patterns will look jarring and not in sync with a minimalist theme.

Minimalist designers often look to nature to decide if color combinations that organically occur in the outdoors work well together, too, in interiors. This design philosophy goes back to the Scandinavian viewpoint of taking inspiration from nature and not adding anything else to what’s already naturally occurring.

Minimalism and its connections to other design movements

As previously mentioned, one cannot talk about minimalism without referring to Scandinavian design, which focuses on:

  • Simplicity in design to serve the overall function
  • Clean lines and compositions
  • Bright and natural lighting
  • Lighter and more neutral colors
  • Natural flooring (as well as nature themes like leaves, trees, etc.)

Japan’s Zen philosophy is the epitome of minimalism. Japanese interiors are characterized by their emphasis on space. Homes are simple, straightforward, well-planned, and functional. Materials utilized include bamboo, paper screens, rice straw mats, fine wood, and silk. Note its similarity to Scandinavian design and its own celebration of nature and organic elements and materials in its décor and design.

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