The furniture you buy sets the stage and mood for each room in your home. Today, our interior design experts share insight on things you should know before your visit to the furniture store.

Room Size

Grab a tape measure, pencil, and paper, because your first step is to measure and draw a quick sketch of your room. You do not have to have artistic skills, but you do need to be thorough in your measurements. Start with the basic shape, and add the length and width of each room. You also want to pencil in windows, doors, and other access points, such as the hallway. If your room is split between carpet and another type of flooring, make a note of this as well.

The Focal Point

What’s the first thing you see or want to see when you walk into your room? In the living room, it might be a fireplace, large piece of artwork, or picture window. Keep this in mind as you plan your room design, and let your furniture store salesperson know what you want to be the center of attention so that they can help you choose the perfect pieces.

Your Largest Piece

Start with your largest piece of furniture. This might be a sectional, bed, or table. You must have your largest piece of furniture in place before you add accent pieces. This gives you an opportunity to identify potential obstacles and traffic patterns.

How You Plan To Balance

Balance is essential to both utility and aesthetics. You don’t want your room to be furniture heavy to one side and bare on the other.


While there is no hard and fast rule that says each side of your room must look exactly the same, strive for symmetry or balanced asymmetry. If you’re visiting our furniture store showroom in Columbia, talk to your design specialist about how you can get a cohesive look without being redundant in your furniture selection.

What Mood You’re Going For

Do you want a casual space or a more formal environment? Know this before you go shopping so that you can choose materials that complement your desired outcome. For example, a curved, upholstered sectional will be more casual than a straight, leather couch.

The Rug

Your area rug can serve as a focal point and also keep your floor safe from damage. Make sure that you know the right size, texture, and color you desire as you shop for furniture. The Linen Duck keeps a full selection of natural and synthetic area rugs in stock at our furniture store in Columbia.

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and it’s a perfect place to let a little bit of you shine through. But, as with all major life decisions, you have to start with a plan. Furniture is a large expense, and the pieces in which you invest now will have a long-term effect on your happiness at home. Choose wisely, and you will enjoy your space for many years to come.

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