The in-house interior designers at The Linen Duck have talked to their colleagues in the industry and have looked up online search trends to forecast these interior design trends for 2022. Book a no-commitment discovery call with our team to find out which of these trends complement your space and lifestyle.

1. Natural materials

Furniture weavers are using rattan and bamboo to create curvy chairs, stools, and sculptural lighting pieces.

Natural materials such as timber, wool, sisal, and linen bring a sense of warmth to a space. These also age beautifully as a response to the environment they are in.

2. Bold Patterns and Prints

Otherworldly marble prints can be seen on wallpaper. Interior design service experts believe that decorating with stripes is back; it’s all about experimenting with different colors, widths, and orientations. Go stripe on stripe on stripe!

3. Textures

Cabinets, wardrobes, sideboards, drawers, and desks have become more tactile with slat-like grooves. Textured wallpaper is likewise irresistible to touch. Some are even hanging rugs on walls to make a room feel softer and cozier.

4. Green Hues

Sage green kitchens are one of the biggest interior design trends of 2021 and it is expected to remain popular in 2022. Expect to see a lot of greens in bedrooms and living rooms as well as it promotes a sense of calmness and connection with nature, a connection that everyone is yearning for at the moment.

5. Japandi

Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian cool. The result is a simple and timeless design aesthetic.

6. Bringing the Outdoors In

Being surrounded by nature makes us feel good. Urban dwellers have recreated that vibe through gardens, patios, and balconies, which have become essential to living spaces. As the pandemic prevented people from traveling, these areas have been used for relaxation and socialization. In line with this, houseplants will remain popular in 2022.

7. Eco-conscious Design

The push for a more eco-friendly lifestyle is making people re-evaluate how their lifestyles impact the planet. For many, this means up-cycling, repairing, and personalizing their home accessories.

8. Earthy Tones

The latest interior design trend is barely there, warm, and earthy neutrals. Think flesh tones, mushroom shades, earthy jute, canvas, wool, wood, and hemp.

9. Home Offices

Interior design service experts state that home offices are here to stay. As more people transition to a remote work environment, there will be more intentionally designed work-from-home areas rather than makeshift desk setups.

10. Cocooning Furniture

Think plush sofas and comfortable seating with deep cushions and curved silhouettes reminiscent of a warm embrace.

11. Home Gyms

More homes are being designed to include private exercise spaces. Virtual training sessions have increased the demand for quality screens (which can be hidden away) and excellent speakers.

12. Home Spas

People are seeing the importance of home spas to counter stress and anxiety. Adding a steam function to a shower area or opting for a large luxurious bath can provide different ways to relax with water.

13. Creative Storage Solutions

Low-level storage units in multiple rooms – ottoman style furniture, sideboards, and cabinets – means games and toys can be quickly tidied away at the end of the day.

14. Intelligent Technology

5G technology will be an integral part of any home.

15. Pretty in Pink

Warm, cheerful, and playful pink will be seen in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also very versatile; pair it with black, grey, or concrete to achieve an industrial look. Pair pink with blue or with green to set a dramatic mood.

16. Arches

We’ll be seeing more of this trend on headboards and doors.

17. Bauhaus Style

The Bauhaus movement still continues to influence modern design. It’s synonymous with clean spaces and pieces stripped of frivolous details.

18. Line Art

From vases to plates, glassware, and illustrated cushions and rugs, line art inspired by artists like Picasso, Magritte, Miro, and Matisse has made its way to home accessories.

19. Cottage Core

Think lush botanical motifs, dainty florals, and natural materials such as wool and linen. The look is comforting and nostalgic.

20. Kitchen Pantries

Many families are making fewer trips to the supermarket and are buying in volume, so the storage of food, dry goods, and space for the fridge and freezer are now a priority.

21. Statement Vases

Bold and oversized vases in unusual shapes can instantly transform the look of any space.

22. Zoned Home Areas

Interior design service experts are confident that open floor plans will remain popular, but people are using pieces such as bookcases or curtains to divide an open-plan space into zones, allowing for flexible use throughout the day.

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